The Best Choice for Flat Roofing Wirral

JJ Nuttall are an expert roofing company in Wirral specialising in flat roofing, roof installation and repair. We are based in Liverpool but can operate across Merseyside and are happy to go to our customers, operating as far afield as Manchester and all across the Wirral.

If you are situated on the Wirral and are looking for a flat roofing solution, give us a call to discuss a range of construction, repair and surveying options such as

  • Installation and repair of specialist flat roofing systems
  • Roof of garages, extensions and main flat-roofed buildings
  • Roof for residential buildings, commercial buildings and industrial installations
  • Repair of slate and tile roofing
  • Free estimates and surveys
  • Installation and repair of vapour barrier and insulation systems

We can come to you and will do a survey and give estimates of project time, costs and logistics free of charge, so if you’re considering a roofing project, don’t hesitate to call us.

JJ Nuttall in the Wirral proudly use only the best in high quality, industry approved and regulated tools and construction materials, and we pride ourselves on the quality of our training, the capabilities of our skilled tradesmen, and our fast, dependable service.

In most cases, roofing is a job that needs urgent action, so we at JJ Nuttall will respond as quickly as possible to our customers’ needs, solving their problems as rapidly as necessary and to a very high standard.

Roofing repair Wirral

Flat Roof Repair on the Wirral

If you’ve got a problem with your roof, then the solution can’t wait! JJ Nuttall’s team in the Wirral is made up of experienced professionals, able to commit quickly to any work your roof needs and provide expert advice on maintenance and upkeep where you need it most.

JJ Nuttall is a highly experienced company, carrying out hundreds of repairs every year, making our team able to deal with your roofing problem with practiced ease, and sort the issue out in one visit. Our teams are composed of only qualified, seasoned tradesmen and reliable, trusted subcontractors, who act under the direction of our expert management team. Our larger projects have included the Philharmonic Hall and United Utilities, among other ambitious projects.

Garages & Extensions

Renovating your garage or extending your home is a huge undertaking, and it is important to keep all the building work on schedule and to a high standard. Problems arising in one area can quickly spiral out of control to affect others, so it is vitally important that your roofing goes smoothly and effectively.

We will also be able to provide architectural advice or work alongside your project’s architect to provide a plan for your building that will be true to your vision while remaining safe, practical and making great use of available space.

Tile and Slate Repairs on the Wirral

Tile and slate are still extremely common roof materials, but despite their durability they are prone to weather damage over time, either from erosion or by adverse weather conditions such as gale force winds or storms. We are able to quickly repair these problems, as well as identifying any underlying issue and dealing with it to prevent a repeat of the problem.

At JJ Nuttall, we stock a large range of tile and slate varieties, all of which conform to British quality standards and will withstand the demands placed on them easily. The high durability of tile and slate, combined with the low cost, have made them common roofing materials for millennia, and we are proud to continue their use here.

Vapour Barrier and Insulation

Good loft insulation can make the difference between an enormous heating bill (or a freezing house) and an affordable, cosy winter. JJ Nuttall can provide excellent advice for those on the Wirral in need of roof insulation, and can install vapour barriers exactly where you need them to keep damp and mould out of your house. Once in, damp and mould are very persistent problems, so a vapour barrier in the right place could pay for itself many times over in the first year alone!

Please take a look at our roofing services and testimonials pages if you want to find out more or you’re considering roofing work and live in Wirral.

If you would like free, friendly advice or wish to discuss a project, please do not hesitate to contact us by clicking here or calling one of our dedicated phone lines.